Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hey! its my birthday next sunday!

Hey! its my birthday next sunday!. oh its on a sunday?! oh ya its fast sunday too! but it will still be a good birthday! the people i have lunch with know and said they will make a cake. but mom pls dont waste space sending me ingredients to make a cake. im good with just buying the mix here and dumping like 2 eggs and a cup of water and done! but ya me and my comp made pancakes the other day and we made rice crispy treats too! kathie sent me some marshmellows. and ya i got the box and the package. but im way confused for some reason??!! like she sent me cinnimon sugar mixed?? and mom you sent me some too but like?? why cinnimon sugar. i open the packages and im like. what is this. so if anyone wants to know they have cinnimon and sugar here in brazil too lol. but thanks i am actually using it on sandwhiches and stuff. but from now on i wont know when i get packages. they are holding all of them until christmas! they want everyone to have a package christmas. but we will have conference the 18th and get packages then. but that would suck if i got transfereed on the 23rd and have to carry everything with packages too!. but santa will help me right?! so ya this week was really slow. me and my comp tried to accompany our investigators that we taught the week before but ya were not finding a lot of "elects". we need to stop sweet talking our way into houses. but were ganna do better this week!. next p-day my zone is doing a service project singing in a nursing home. christmas hymns!(in portuguese because mom thinks we sing in english? lol) but it will be a blast. i~ll record it with my camera!. i am sending you a cd too just wait.! your cd has all of my photos that i have taken on the mission until yesterday!. but it will come just wait!. but that was this week! oh and sweet pics of chris. he has lost some weight!. tight. maybe he can skate with me! i need a skate buddy!. he just needs to start working out. you guys should see my body! im just muscle lol. just wait 1 year and 2 months! but have a great week. your brother or son or friend.. :)
Elder Arroyo

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