Wednesday, December 9, 2009

changed the word problem to opportunity

Hey mom! so ya generally missionaries call on christmas but i will get to call you to confirm when i will talk but it will be like christmas eve when i confirm. and just send the package. i can deal with moving things here! it was great to hear the birthday shouts from facebook. but my birthday wasnt that great here. this past week was the worst week ever. so to start off. my companion wants to go home so hes with the assistants. hes been there for like 5 days now. so ive been with the other elders in the house. the ones that are pigs and really annoying. and were a missionary pair in 3. it stinks. the assistants said that i cant tell the members in my ward here and not even the bishop. but that i needed to go to church sunday to be with my investigators. so i went on splits sunday and everyones like wheres your comp and im was just like. oh im on splits today! and ya sunday was my birthday. so i went to lunch and had an amazing lasagna and a great dessert. then i left with my ward missionary leader whos amazing and we went and knocked doors. then he was like oh we got to return to the house you had lunch in i forgot something. and got there and there was a suprise party for me lol. the family of sister christina and another family. they made me my favorite brasillian food (coxina!) and she made a cake that was good. but like without my companion it stunk and they just talked amongst themselves. its stinks without a companion you feel so alone. especially when u get home and the other elders are in their room and your in your room alone. but not exacly alone cuz our house is full of fleas! tonz of stupid fleas. and we have termites too!. so when you get home you got like larva in your bed. ya life is amazing now. it stinks too cuz i have had a good first comp then the next 2 were horible and then elder coelho who was the best comp that i have had. and now im with those other too pigs. but i will make the best out of everything and just work hard. working hard and studying a lot you lose yourself and dont think about the hard stuff. but i was thinking that this was like a huge problem ya know. but was thinking one day and changed the word problem to opportunity. and really this is a huge oportunity that i have to learn and to show who i am as a missionary. but things will get better. lets hope that the next letter will be a better one and that my comp will return. hes still with the assistants. but its already time to go. were going to the old folks house to sing christmas carols! it will be fun. but yall have a great week! DONT LET THE MAN GET YA DOWN!
love Elder Arroyo

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