Wednesday, November 25, 2009

não pensa... só me manda muítos pacote! lol

tu queres fala portuguese? lol How are ya Family and all those who read my amazing emails! i hope all is well! so lets see how i~m ganna start this shin-dig! oh ya wow destinee is growing up. thanks for the pics mom! so ya i sent a cd to kristen in the mail right and the dude at the mail place is like "whoa man u got an object in this envelope".and i was like "ya dude i know i put it in there!" but he said i had to make it a package and all this dumb stuff and it ended up being 30 Reias! thats like 20 bucks almost! to send a stupid CD! so i havent sent yours yet but i will it will be there soon! so my address is what i send to you guys when i send letters lol. but im getting letters and packages still so i think the one you have works. So am i feeling home here you asked? Mom this is Brasil lol i will never feel like home. i~m in a tropical place where i eat rice and beans everyday. but naw i~m feeling kinda at home ya know but i would love to go home and like sleep in til 12 o´clock! my dream. and ya the words are just flowing. this language is a peice of cake now! i think its easier to speak in portuguese than english. but i have learned way to much slang. i go to the ghetto and just speak like a thug. heres some slang. i dont even know how to spell this stuff. like this is how yall would pronounce it right. Yayhee Moneeey Tudo Suça aiye!? and the kids are like who is this white dude speaking like a thug. but its tight they just laugh lol. so why am i losing weight?! well first its hotter than haities here! like im talking you just fry in the sun. and yes im using sunscreen. but hot hot hot. i~m talking you dont even wanna stand in the sun. when we go to look at our planners we look for the nearest tree. and ive been doing some trades with my comp cuz he got fatter. he he lol. so we trade clothes so my clothes fit now. right now i have 78 kilos! so ya i have gotten close to some families. theres one family in my ward now that they moved here like 6 months ago. and first let me tell ya that my ward sucks. just a bunch of rich people that talk talk talk but do nothing! i have gotten 0 references in this ward. but this family moved from like the country and theyre way cool. their names are sister christina and brother danial theyre like 28 years old i dont know their last name and they have 2 kids. gabrial thats 7 years old and rafiel with 3 years old i think. i love playing with them. sister christina is always like dang it elder arroyo you made my kids all wild again. but i will take some pictures to show you guys! when our lunch falls we always go to her house and eat. but in this ward only this family. oh ya 2 sundays ago i gave my first talk on the mission i gave it about the book of mormon. i burnt the ward. i was like if you have a testimony share it! what is the coolest thing that i have seen since i have been here. i dunno i think like that there is a bakery on every corner and the food is cheap and i just eat and eat bread. i love fresh bread! so there are a lot of missionaries waiting huh? crazy i havent heard anything about it. the next transfer is on the 23rd of december so well see. id extend my missoin if i had to. its not that bad. so ya me and my comp changed yesterday. we burnt everything that we had that we were slacking with. like not obeying the rules. from now on its 100% obediance. were ganna baptise here. we have 5 people that have potencial! and now when i do my contacts on the street its not. oh hey were missionaries and have a message about christ can we come over and share it another day? No! i have changed cuz so many people we teach dont want to follow. ya they will hear everything you have to say but when you say ya will ya go to church.. whoa whoa no no i cant. but now my contact is. hey im elder arroyo whats your name? oh "Herbie" do you belive in christ? (everyone says "yes!") and then im like "were you baptised like he was?"and i hold a picture of john the baptist baptising christ. and there like "no?!?!?!" and im like when you know what im talking about is true will you be baptised? and the people that yes i write down their address and the others i just give a pass along card and say when your ready call this number! but it works really well cuz now our investigators are the ones that are really interested! but ya i have rambled enough! so ya i will let you guys go and have a great week! oh ya and congrats mom for your calling. try to get as many dinners for the missionaries! and the sister in my other ward that had this calling every 1st sunday of the month she got together some goodies for the missionaries. like got the other sisters in the ward to just buy little snacks and put it all to gether in a bag and give it to the missionaries. it was wonderful. arg i hate this language! Obrigado por tudo mãe! Eu Te amo. Até proxíma semana e fala "Oi" Para todo mundo! Tchau Tchau
Elder Arroyo

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