Wednesday, November 4, 2009


what a loving mom who writes her son every week!. wow justin and destinee are growing up man. i think i lost another 10 pounds today. today was the Olympics! lol. i played in the basketball part and we got crushed. cuz there was one zone that was just full of tall people and my zone was just not too tall lol. and people dont know how to play zones lol. so this week me and my comp taught a bunch. but me and my comp didnt knock a lot of doors we just improved how we represent our message. im just like.. hey im elder arroyo and man how hot is it out here? and people are like ya its blazing. and were like ya we share a message about christ can i... is the gate unlocked cuz its really hot out here. and there like ya come on in and we just teach. but this past week me and my comp we found 33 new investigators and it was the most in the mission this past week. its on the mission site! my name for the first time! lol.
its on the right side of the site!. but yesterday me and my comp had stomach aches. we stayed in the house until like 7:00 and tried to teach and found no one. but today will be different! oh ya so this ward hasnt baptized anyway in 10 months! its a lot of time for an area here in curitiba but me and my comp are gonna break it! we have a person almost ready for baptism just water! shes like 50 years old! what else happened this week oh i got the package! thanks mom! i love candy so so much. oh ya and holloween was a bummer we did nothing just worked as usually :( i hope christmas isnt the same! well i dont think anything really exciting happened this week. oh i dont know if it is safe to fast in this heat. its crazy hot here. and i~m tan way tan lol. almost way tan. well see in a while lol. but thanks for everything! love ya
Elder Arroyo

oh ya mom in my next package if you could send me like 4 pairs of socks lol and i would love those flinstone vitamins ya know that you gave to justin! that would be great lol. but not alot of candy in the packages just like a big bag of skittles and starburst lol and laughy taffys lol. thanks mom.

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