Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hey mom!. ok so every week i am waiting for the package from mrs kathie but it never comes. did she send it? i hope it didnt get like stolen in the mail. and yes i got the holloween package. and i got the mp3 player! thanks. so wow destinee broke her foot. that sucks. i remember when i broke my ankle i think i was her age. So lol justin got his razor sharp pizza cutters in. or his front teeth. thats cool. me and my comp had pizza 1 day last week. we had to treat ourselves. last week was the worst week on my mission. i had a stomach ache tuesday and we taught 0 lessons and then saturday and sunday we taught 0 lessons. we did horrible last week. but we got the transfers call monday and me and my companion are staying here but he got called district leader! all my comps have been district leaders but its good cuz i~m prepared now. but one of the other elders got moved out of our house but a new one is in and hes more excited and has more humility. So ya me and my comp cleaned the house and it is beautiful now. we moved our beds and stuff. everything is rearranged and were ready to baptize this month! our investigators that were firm got cut. they stopped progressing. but we have found good ones now and were working hard! This area is a test of faith for real. so ya me and my comp will stay here until the next transfer which falls on 23th of december ya..... 2 days before christmas. but my birthday is comming up! and i already baught my new camera. i talked to dad about this. i bought it from a member and it takes videos with sound and has all the same features that my old camera had. ya had... i traded my old camera for a new suit lol. i traded my comp. so now i have a camera thats better and a suit that fits! cuz i am a lot thinner and the other suit is huge!. but ya my new camera was only 125 reais. so its was good. its a samsung. ok so what else happened this week that i can tell you... nothing really lol. oh this week me and my comp have already taught 10 lessons and done more contacts then we have too! Since he is district leader we made a pack to always have numbers high! higher then the secretarios and the assistants who are still in our district!. well see how that goes!. oh so chris wants to shave his head lol. crazy! he needs to grow the frow lol. its tight. but oh so your gonna send me another box! sweet and mom can you put some guitar picks in the box please cuz i went to buy some here and its 3 reais for 1 pick! thats like 1 dollar for a pick! so i would love some picks please. and i am looking for those things that you want mom. like the cookie cutter and the doll. im trying! and i know you want pictures! i have a big envelope that i~m sending you that has tonz of letters to people and has a DVD of all the pictures that i have taken on the mission its like 800 pictures! yes your welcome! i will send it saturday cuz i~m out of money :) lol but dont forget me you guys have a great week!
Elder Arroyo

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