Wednesday, November 18, 2009

9 Months!!

Its been 9 months! its crazy how time flies by so fast! so ya i have 0 time this week. but this week was good. we taught a good bit and got a lot of stuff done. look on the site me and my comp made it up on the "highscore list" again. were working. were gonna baptize 5 this month its our goal and nothing will stop us! this area has been without baptisms for long enough. but its just everyone here doesnt want to change anything. its dumb but ya. i got mrs kathie's package and she sent a photo of you guys but it wasnt in there. it was empty the photo thing. oh and dont worry about thanksgiving. i~m not even thinking about it. but christmas and my birhtday yes i~m waiting. im gonna eat a cake for my birthay and thats pretty much it. and christmas who knows what. the next transfer falls on the 23th of decemeber so i could get transfered. lets hope not. i dont wanna get transferred 2 days before CHRISTMAS! but thanks for the email this week i will make a longer one next week!
Elder Arroyo

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