Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good Afternoon!

OK to start off... Happy Birthday!! the big old 47! lol jk (I have to add that I am NOT going to be 47!) oh so I got sunburnt today! :( i havent been using sunscreen! but starting today i will use!. so lets see.. thanks for the box mom! i´ll be expecting it in a week and a half!. so for holloween no one celebrates i belive they dont do that here. some neighborhoods do but not everyone so like no one does it lol. if ya understand. so i cant wait for the holloween goodies!. we will definitly have a party and pizza lol. wow brice is getting married? to who let me know!. tell him to write me lol. ok so the lan house is closing in 10 min so i will write fast. cool matt got his call. what language will he speak. oh and tell chris to work hard with his calling make the quorum happy lol. so this week me and my comp worked hard and our numbers were pretty high! we have 17 dates for baptism marked for our investigators and the mission president said that like ever 10 dates is one baptism so were ready for this. in this area no one has baptized in 9 months so were ganna change that! but this week was really good. i like my comp he follows the rules but is really chill too!. its good. we played soccer and basketball today thats why i~m so sunburnt but from now on its sunscreen lol. well write me next week lol. i~m here to read it. have a great week. love your son

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