Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall and Spring

ok i have 0 time today cuz i am making a dvd of all my pictures and videos lol. so just wait mom! lol and i will look for some postcards lol some people are looking for elect people to teach and not postcards lol. jk but ya you will get tonz of pictures soon. i think i have 900! lol. but just wait. so ya i got the box from grandmama! lol it was amazing! so this week was good but so many people rejected us so its getting hard. oh ya i bought another jump drive! lol from paraguay! let me tell ya the stuff there is cheap. an investigator bought it and i bought it from him lol. 4 gigs. 8 bucks lol. i want to buy a new camera cuz mine makes videos but without sound. i need sounds. so ya sorry i have no time this week. but i will get you tonz of postcards. and can you send me american money. like 10, 1 dollar bills. its cool to trade here! thanks have a great week. and cool chris is refing ! love ya guys! Bye
Elder Arroyo

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