Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Transfers!! 7/7

OK so today Elder huber my old comp got transfered! and my new comp is Elder Parente and yes! he is a brasillian and the other american that was in my house got transfered and replaced with a brasillian! so its only portuguese from here now! crazy but its not to hard to speak i can get around lol. oh so this week we found out we have a mouse in our house. we named him francisco lol and i feed him but i am going to kill him dont worry lol. so yesterday we had a Baptism!! we baptized "Senor José"! it was an epic event in my life lol and my comp baptized him cuz he was the first encountered him and it was his last day here. it was tight. hmm so what else happened this week. we have some good investigators that we are teaching . oh paintball last week was way fun. i will send pictures next week i forgot my camera. but i wasted some of the other elders lol. i played very well i thought. we played 4 games but everyone only had 100 paintballs. it was wack but way fun. this week was good. that sucks that your duck died lol. you will have to kill that dog! jk lol so 4th of july sounds like it was fun for you guys. we didnt do anything. well we ate pizza and just worked lol. so about the mission changes ya the outer parts of our mission got put in the londrina mission. i dont remember why but they did. but naw im still in curitiba. and mom my address is,... i have no idea. my street is off of manual ribas close to the pizzaria "da costa" and supermarcado "condor" lol so you can try to find my street. house number 200 and its like a set of apartments lol. well i got to hit the streets and buy some food. love ya
Elder Arroyo

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