Wednesday, July 29, 2009

in the afternoon here lol 7/29

Hey mom.
This week has been ok except the fact that it rained all week. i hate the rain. hate it hate it hate it!!. but its good lol. makes the fruit better lol. ok so i wont send my memory card with pictures i dont think. i think i will just burn them all to a dvd and send the dvd. i thnk it will work better. oh and mom i would love a recipe for bisquits i know its easy cuz i made them in school for like a cooking class or something lol. . oh and i would like my patriartical blessing too lol if you guys could send that too me. so how have you guys been. thats tight that cloe wants to serve a mish. its hard sometimes but is way worth it. me and my comp are better together now cuz i have so much PATIENCE lol. i just let him always be right lol. its going good. we are teaching and commiting. so wow i know why i was sent here there are so many people that skate. and with just the knowledge i know about skating there like totally respect me lol. cuz its all american skating with american brands and stuff lol and i know all the names of the tricks. its tight. we are ganna baptise a kid that skates. and its cook cuz i think he trusts us more cuz he knows like that i skated before the mish and that were like normal people. i showed him pictures lol. its tight. but this week has been good. it was funny i did a contact this week and it was hilarious. me and my comp stopped a guy and his wife and he was a father for the catholic church and he was like saying all this crap. so i was like. hey dont yall belive in baptising children and he was like yep. and i was like but they dont have sins right cuz they dont know right from wrong and he was like. NO cuz there parents have sins so they are born with sins. i was like how?.. so if my dad killed somone i have sins for this and he was like yep. i was like what?? ya he was like ok if your dad is poor and he has you then you are poor when you are born lol same if your rich. then we was like who do you look more like your mom or you dad? and i was like...... my grandma lol just too throw him off lol. and then i was like. ok mary gave birth to jesus right? hes like ya. then i was like. but mary and joseph didnt..... so.. jesus has a sin... lol and he was like NO! lol i had him lol. i love those contacts. so you got your car fixed thats good. well you guys keep going to church lol it will do the body good. have you sent my package yet? lol.
love ya guys.
Elder Arroyo

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rouxinol de Bernardim said...

It's raining but sun is shining...