Wednesday, July 22, 2009

pioneer week! 7/22

we dont have pioneer week. but my week has kinda sucked. me and my comp dont get along very well. he is kinda lazy and i like to walk fast so we dont waste time. his ideas are totally different then mine and he is always right lol. you know those people. he says you have 5 months on the mission you dont know a thing. lol. but i~m good. i try not to fall in his hole. i follow the rules even if he doesnt. its good i try to do better when he doesnt lol. i want to be a good enough missionary to open an area here in brazil that no missionaries have been in. its happens. i just have to work hard and show pres!. so this week hmm what else happened. we marked more baptisimal dates. oh i got 2 recipe books for ya! a member gave them to me. cuz i ask everyone for recipes and stuff. but i will still ask for more lol. hmm what else. i heard harry potter wasnt all that good and transformers 2 as well. oh can i get my backpack and have you guys sent my package? stuff i wanna know. oh and i really would like a new pair of shoes. i will take a picture of my shoes for proof lol. not much else happened this week just work work work. so no i dont think we have pioneer day lol. so i dont think chris deserves to drive another car he will just keep crashing, and the reason he crashed your car is cuz hes not playing need for speed or driver! lol video games improve your thinking fast skills!. so dang justin is tall huh? sweet. how are you guys how is the ward how is everything. well i have nothing much else to say lol. work hard trust in the lord, he will do his part if you do yours! love ya guys, stay strong, Elder Arroyo

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