Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hey Mommy! 7/15

SO you car will get fixed thats great! so jenno had her baby thats tight. , ella is a tight name too. so the work here has been going well we baptized last tuesday and confirmed this sunday and jose is a firm member. he took us to central today and i baught a really nice jacket for 45 bucks. it will last me my whole mission. so ya i will trade my skate shirts for brazillian ones and i am about to trade my hoodie for a brazillian skate brand hoody its tight. so have you sent my box yet? lol. i still have some food. but more would be great. if you havent sent my box i would love dr scholls lol. there are like magic!. and some new shoes!. that fit and dont give blisters. but only when you guys can buy em. so about my health i am way healthy i think lol. i can walk without a problom and my new comp walks slow which is annoying. but its all good. hes not my favorite but im greatfull for what i got. so ya my health is good i work out in the mornings i weigh 80 kilos however much that is lol. convert it for me please. im pretty sure its good and i~m alot stronger than before. nope no worms i think i~m to strong for that junk lol. jk curitiba is like an american city, its pretty clean. and i always drink mineral water so its all good. and when we dont have water i will always boil i dont take risks lol. my teeth are doing good they dont hurt anymore. right now everything is good. with all brasilians in the house its kinda lonely lol. but we listen to american music and elder santos who will leave in 2 months to go home has been trying hard to learn english so i talk slow in english to him and teach him alot. i like it lol. so how are you guys. hows the house and stuff. lol. here is good and i will make it better lol. well love ya guys. live life up!. your son, brother, Elder Arroyo

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