Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oi Tudo Bem Mãe 7/1 (Oi All Well Mother)

Ya destinee told me that yall went to the temple how was it. sweet i would imagine lol maybe oneday you will experiance temples in brazil! loll. they are way amazing. so ya i heard the BIG michael the king of pop died lol. we had an investigator and the whole world tell us lol. but we were teaching our investigator the plan of salvation and she was like what kingdom will michael jackson go to lol. were like uhh were not the judge of that loll. it was funny. so wow that one elder gave up sweets crazy. i eat as much sweets as i can. i need that sugar high to keep me walking. so what do i NEED. well i need deodorant cuz theres here does suck and some toothpaste cuz that sucks here as well lol. i would like recipes lol on paper oh i would love dryer sheets lol cuz we have a washing machine here but we dry our close on the line and they dont smell that good so dryer sheets to rub on my clothes lol. i would like to know how to make donuts from scratch and my cake that i love that you make for my birthday. oh and either you or dad asked me if i would like for you guys to come and pick me up from brazil after my mission. and i think no. i wanna have a big party in the airport lol. but then like 2 or 3 months after i wwould wanna visit brazil with you guys that would be tight. what do you think. oh so mom i want you to know that out here when were walking on the streets if i have to pee and were in the middle of nowhere i just pee on the side of the road lol learned this as a kid! lol oh but back to my package ya just sweets to fill it and get as many people to write me as possible lol. or draw a picture. oh and i would love tons of pictures from home remembe.r like of the house what mississippi looks like the family friends. KRISTEN! everything would be tight. but ya. so about this week. we walked alot i can never remember the things i wanna tell you guys lol. hmm well we have some really good investigators right now and i think that we can meet our goal of 5 baptisms this month. but my comp is ganna get transtered next week. WE GOT TRANSFERS. hes been in this area for 6 months. so hes gone. maybe i~ll get a brazillian! they say you get like 2 brasillian comps. OH we had a zone goal for each companionship to get 10 references from investigators for families to teach and if everyone got it then we would play paintball! and we all got it! so we are going today at 2:00 i will take pictures! its ganna be sweet. but hmm what else happened oh US played Brazil in Futbol (Soccer) and lost but i could care less lol. but this week has been good. oh i dont know if i told you guys but last week i learned japenese we have a japenese investigator that speaks portuguese!, but its rained a good bit lol. so how is home? how is summer? how is chris lol bored out his mind!. well tell everyone hello. i love you guys. dont forget! Read the Scriptures!, Go To Church!, and Pray! lol
Your Son,
Elder Arroyo

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