Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hi Mom 5/6

geez mom ask a million questions.ok to start. a typical day for me is wake up at 6;30 and workout. sometimes i dont. then either me or my comp shower and yes he is american remember i said he is from utah.then at 7 all the missionaries pray for there investigators. then the other person that didnt take a shower showers. if we eat breakfast we eat something while the other is showering usually. then we get ready for the day until 8 then its personal study till 9 then we have comp study. then till 9:30 i have language study. then we head out. now i live 5 min out of my area so from like 10:30 till 9:30 we proscelite. president asks us to do 15 contacts a day from peeps on the street and try to get addresses. so with me and my comp its 30 contacts. we go to the houses that we have addresses for and try to teach them. at noon we eat lunch. we eat at members houses. thats my day. at night we eat dinner sometimes. and we plan for the next day when we get home. and its bedtime at 10:30. the other missoinaries in our house are american was in the mtc with me. yes i am in a ward. i am in jardim atalia. its big i guess. about the size of our ward i think. i gave my testimony last week lol and introduces myself. i dont know if we have programs lol but if we do i will try to snag one. i sing in portuguese . are you kidding why the heck would i sing in english when everyone is singing in portuguese lol. crazy mom. yes i recognize the hyms. but the lyrics are different. i can kinda tranzlate some when i sing. ok so from the box from home. more starburst and skittles lol and i want you to print recipes for me and put them in there. some basic stuff but easy and fast to make. brazilian or american. i want the seasoning tony´s ya know. umm make sure dad buys me a jumpdrive and puts it in there. and thats all i can think of for now. oh throw a jar of peanut butter in there plz lol. i need it. and just candy and good junk food lol.thanks mom. this week has been pretty much the same. just teaching and preachin. oh i get to call sunday! it will be sweet. i think i get to call you on sunday to tell you when i will call you. but if not it will be around noon. my comp said we will call saterday to confirm. well be ready lol. i love ya guys. elder arroyo

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