Thursday, May 28, 2009

1st week of the new transfer!

sweet vacation already. so dang destinee at girls camp way cool. and mom workin hard lol. i miss watching movies lol or just chillen. and bbq sounds good lol. the meal that you guys made reminds me of food here. lol cuz we never made food on the grill at home lol. so mom go see terminator lol its a good one i would imagine. and wow movies have gone up that sucks. how is the economy now:? lol ducks i remember our old ducks. and good call getting the other kids to feed em lol.
ya so my right back tooth hurts sometimes when i eat sweet things or cold things. and i am brushing my teeth a good bit too. i dunno. but its only sometimes. and no im not sick anymore. i just had a little cold cuz it was getting chilly and we ran to an appointment. but i~m good now. ya i like wearing this sweater. i will take some good pictures this week and send them to you guys. wheres my package mom! i miss american junkfood so bad. .
ok so my past week hmm. well i was sleeping one night last week and then all of a sudden my bed broke in the middle of the night. i fell to the ground lol. but i just moved my mattress to the floor until the next day lol. i tied a lashing to fix my bed and now its good to go. and ya you heard me right i tied a knot i learned in scouts and no i~m not an eagle lol. tell that to elder randy. but hmm we have a baptism this saterday. its a girl named lilian she is 17 and we are trying to get her parents baptized to they just started listening to the lessons.
oh so we had transfers today. we found out monday it was a big deal lol everyone on a conference call. but i found out me and my comp are staying in the area good thing cuz we have alot of things going on lol. but one of the other elders in our house left. elder bailey and we get a new elder in the house i dont know his name i just barely met him but he is a brazilian. sweet. but other than this the week has been normal. just working working working loll. well i love you guys and keep up all the work and feed the missionaries. trust me they love it and let them eat up. cuz we dont have money to eat that good lol. oh and members here every second sunday of the month will give us stuff.l like 2 loafs of homemade bread some chocolate milk, packs of cookies sweet stuff. and its way amazing. try to set somthing up like that in our ward. well i love ya guys elder arroyo

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My Missionary said...

It's no wonder his tooth hurts! Always asking for candy and eating all that junk food!