Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hey Guess What 5/6

today for lunch we ate at a buffet. you go in get a plate and get in line for a custom made pasta. you tell em what u want in it then they put the stuff in a little bowl. then you get what kind of noodles you want then they ask you what sauce you want then they make it right there really fast. then you sit down and people walk buy with all kinds of meet and ask you if you want some. you never have to get up. you eat as much meat as you want. differnt kinds too. and in american dollars the buffet would be like 4:50 crazy huh. and we had juice. fresh lemonade! that was the highlight of my day. so the language is ok. i can kinda understand what people say it just depends on how hard i listen and how well they talk and there accent. and ya man i got the jack bower skills. dude everyday i play frogger with real cars lol. we cross the street tons and people dont stop for you. keep on that rosetta till its done. we can talk portuguese lol. souds like the encampment was fun. i miss those things now. make sure mom puts good stuff in my package lol. DONT FORGET MY JUMPDRIVE!. 4GB MIN POR FAVOR! lol. thanks. well were headin back to the house now. i sent mom an email. love ya.

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