Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Macaco means monkey! 4/29

Mom the swine flu seems pretty intense dont get it! so sweet so your friend is ganna give me a package and so are you and soon kristen wil too. i~m getting spoiled lol. i like it though keep em comming. so ya like peoples gates you stand outside of them then you clap then they come out and talk to you and tell you if you can enter or not lol. you dont just walk in. you will die if you do lol. jk . plus all of the gates have dogs inside lol. ya we have a freezer. mom put all the letters you have from anyabody in that box lol. and rememaber send everything to the mission home. destinee is moving up thats way crazy. chris needs to make some more friends lol. aww i miss shrimp so much mom. i wish i could have been at the shrimp/crawfish boil. you dont even know thats cool justin got to report. oh mom i always have a smile dont worry. thats how i get addresses from people when we do contacts i have a smile on lol. they cant say no. that and i have a jesus christ picture in my hand lol. ya cant say no´to jesus. so i have this contact that works almost every time. its. hi were missionaires from the church of jesus christ....... and we have a message about jesus christ, do you believe in jesus? they always say yes lol. then i say well after christ got called a prophet and this prophet restored the church of jesus christ. can we pass by your house another day and leave this message with you? that contact is money. and its in portuguese of course lol. but last saterday we did 76 contacts. cuz were supposed to have 105 a week and we slacked during the week. acrazy. so let me tell you about my week. there was a soccer game on sunday and it was 2 rival teams and on our way back home at night we saw on a bus like 15 kids fighting. and cops like beating them off athe bus it was way sweet. but scary for the other people on the bus. ok let me tell you about this one lady. so we go to this house and we clap and this lady comes out with like this blank face and my comp knew her cuz he had taught her the first lesson before i came in the area. so hes like how have you been and she is silent with a blank face. then were like all silent for like 20 sec. then hes like whats wrong? and she like shrugs her shoulders. and somethings like just not right. then hes like is there something wrong and she like barely nods her head so i~m thinking like crap shes being held hostage and shes trying to tell us. so like adreniline is pumping through my body. then my comps like can we help you or anything. and so she starts talking. and the stuff she was saying i could barely understand but from what i heard this is what i got out of it. shes talking then i hear death and she has this guilty face on and shes talking about her husband and i~m like holy crap. i~m thinking she killed her husband. and i~m like freaking out. but my comp explained that her husband killed himself. it was so sad. so we went in and tried to comfort her teaching her parts of the plan of salvation but it was so so sad. way crazy. but to get out of this sad stuff. me and my comp have more new investigators and there sweet. oh i got to skate this week .at the church there were some youth skating and i jumped on and tried some stuff. i scruffed up my shoe so no more skating lol. we got to watch stake conference. it was hard to understand cuz they translated it lol. but we had 2 investigating families come to church it was ausome.. oh that pizza you gave me me and my comp made it and super improved itl. we made it brazilian. i will send you pictures. oh guess what i might to do today!! we might go into the jungle with a member and feed monkeys!! like my comp said if you are still with a banana in you hand that the monkey will run and grab it out of your hand. i will take pictures and videos dont worry lol. but how cool is that huh way cool or what. . oh tell chris to email me i got to talk to the kid. nothing else really happened this week. today we made sweet sandwhiches subway style lol. we cleaned the house today. well keep the family running lol. love ya guys. elder arroyo

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