Thursday, May 21, 2009

ducks! 5/20 email to mom

aww you guys got ducks we havent done that in forever! no fair. so let me tell you about my week first it was not good lol. we didnt teach very much nobody wanted to hear our message but all is well. this week its been getting better. we had zone conference yesterday it killed me lol. too much concentrating on portuguese lol. but it was good stuff. the work is going good. i~m working on this idea of mine lol that will make planning super fast! i will be famous !. so justin is a little me lol sweet. oh mom i would love if you send me like a ton of pictures like actually pictures in the mail. you can send them in an envelope. its good to show investigators pictures from home so they relize that your not like a zombie that just teaches the gospel. they see the other side you left. oh and yes the more packages the better and no i never got kristens and she never got it back. horrible! so did i sound different on the phone or the same. the same i would imagine. and i forgot to ask prez about photobucket! i had the interview today with him. i will ask him next wednesday. we have transfers. new missionaries and i might have a new comp. oh so the past week i have been making shakes/smoothies lol. with real fruit. they are amazing!. mom you got to send my package out i need more candy lol. oh just dont do anything else on my facebook lol. and i participated on the blessing with the broken ankle kid. ok i go my haircut at a place in my area and it was 7 heias or 3 and a half american dollars. i look good. and we have measuring cups here lol. they do cook mom lol. and i dont need a oven converter lol. you throw a match in the oven and poof fire!. easy. you just turn up the gas lol for more heat!. well my week has been great. love ya mom and tell chris wheres my email! rat
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