Wednesday, April 1, 2009

2 Emails from 4/1

ya mom the food aint bad. im just getting used to it. i found out at lunch you can go up to the lady and be like. i want an omlette lol. there way good. but i just eat rolls and butter. or ill put the meat in the roll and sandwich it up lol. i cant wait to get those pictrues of justins baptism lol. way sweet. oh and problom. i accidently threw away my 1gb memory card. it was my extra one. i still have the 2gb with all my photos. sorry i got clusmy. cuz it was in an envelope and i was cleaning. sorry. well this week was good. i~m speaking portuguese better. love ya mom i will send pictures some time later

ya we go to the temple every pday. and ya the one in the picture is the sao paulo temple which is the closest one. its way beautiful on the inside. tonz of stained glass. sweet i cant wait to get that package it will be way cool. just put some random stuff in there too it will be funny. lollove ya.... elder arroyo

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