Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1st Week In The Field

Hey mom hows it holding.~i~m in my first area now and it is called ~jardin italia~ it is pretty sweet. my new companion is Elder huber! he is way cool and a very good trainer. i got him yesterday at like 3 0 clock we ended up getting to our house at like 7 we have a house wih 2 other elders. one i knew from the mtc. our house is pretty big. its sweet. so last night when we got to the house we left right after cuz we had 2 appointments. he had neve met the people so we were ganna go get to know them and maybe teach the first lesson. but we walked there it took like 20-30 min to walk and none of the appointments fell through.. but its cool. we did contacts to people on the way and i got 1 address from somone!.. we went to the church and i met some of the youth. they were skating and wanted me to skate. but i dont wanna get hurt. so what missionary knew me from provo? i need names. thats cool about chris. does he go out with the missionaries alot. tell him to start learning the lessons. it will make a big differenece. i~m ganna be teachig the restourating to a real investgator tonight ! crazy. i weigh like 177lbs. well mom i got to hit the road. i love ya. dont forget me!
elder arroyo

your welcome. ya i just figure if i do my best then i will be ok. oh ya i forgot to tell ya. there are dogs everywhere lol. in like everygate. i thought i was ganna get bit last night! crazy. i hate dogs

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