Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good Tuesday Morning! 4/22 (mom's email)

Ya i got the package and it was amazing! just what i needed. up in the next package i could use more coolaid lol. but thats pretty much it. oh and candy of course always candy. oh and send a bunch of recipes. i~m doing my best to get your recipes from here. we eat at a members house everyday exept pday here. and we eat lunch cuz thats the biggest meal for brazilians. me and my comp hardly eat breakfast and dinner. but i can live without. we walk so much a day like we basically walk all day unless we get in a house to teach. i do 15 contacts a day more or less and get about 3-6 addresses. my portuguese is comming along well. i teach half of the lesson and my comp teaches the other half. so my first night when we went to teach this family i almost got attacked by a dog crazy. but i am used to dogs now but still hate them. there so annoying. they bark while we clap at the gate and then the person cant hear what were saying cuz the dumb dog. but we teach lesson 1 ´pretty much every day to one of the addresses we got contacted. we get tonz of addresses and we just knock those doors. there is a family we started teaching when i got here and we have taught them the restoration and half of the plan of salvation. this is a good family and i think they will be baptised. we already commited them and they accepted. we have committed like8 peeps to baptizm. crazy!. i love it out here. it was hard at first but now that i~m in the groove of things its sweet. me and my comp get along very well. he plays drums its cool. he is a very good trainer. he teaches me alot. but every thing out here is good. its crazy its been 2 and a half months. way crazy. well i love you guys oh and mom post the mission home address as the address for me to get mail. just send everything there. i dont wanna risk moving areas and not getting mail lol. love ya

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