Wednesday, March 25, 2009

bad story (email for 3/24)

MOM yes send me a package! send it to the mission home. i will get it when i get out in the feild which is in 20 days! so sooon. i need to learn more portuguese! but ya i would love starburst and laffy taffys and carmeled chocolate eggs. and starburst!! ok so this is my lil story that kills me. i got back to the mtc from proscelyting and the mail man was there so we go inside and there are 4 packages! i was like freak ya. i ran over there and look and saw my package from kristen. but that day was the pday for sister christopherson the mail lady so i was like hey can i take my package and they said no u will have to get it from her tomorrow. so i was like ok whatever. so that night i saw her and was like hey can i get my package? and shes like ya lets go to the mail room. so we go down there and my package isnt there??? i~m like what the? then se tells me that that packege was going back to the united states. i was like what?? she had it for like 3 days and in the database it says i hadnt left on my mission cuz of visa stuff. so when i saw my package it was being sent back to the USA! how dumb huh? so can u like somehow give kristen some money to send it again? or even better just get the package from her and put the stuff in a box and u send your package with hers. just in one box. that would be wonderfull. and just send it too the mission home. so ya thats crazy that marcus is having a baby. i just heard it from nathan. he said hes ganna be an uncle like me lol. aww so i hope that racheal can get back to church and nick can relize what hes mission out on. just teach em the plan of salvation. ETERNAL FAMILIES!. thats cool that kristen came to the house. i miss her tons and wish i had her package. i sent a letter home with 2 pictures and 2 letters. i would appretiate it if you sent my letters i put them in envelopes and stamped em and addressed em. can you put a return address on them lol. thanks.
well i love ya mom. hope everything is going well.
your son
elder arroyo

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