Saturday, August 7, 2010

its FREEZING!! 8/4

ya mom so like i can buy that stuff for you cuz its little. but once im in like my last transfer i will go nuts and buy tonz of stuff. cuz im not taking any clothes home. im ganna give them to my comp. towels sheets... im taking none of that home. just cool brazilial stuff and my books. but ill start working on buying little stuff now. so my bite was a false alarm and yes i took the medicine right. and those psychos so far so good. and ya sisters always get marriage invites here. brasillians go right for it. so my shoes are doing well. ive been walking a lot and my feet hurt sometimes but its normal. but those eckos i had i have to say were better. but these shoes should last me till the end of my mission!. so today i went to the temple and it was AMAZING of course. except its been raining and let me tell ya its FREEZING!! i bought a new sweater thats why i took the money out. but it was way cheap 10 Bucks!! Whoo yall will see pics. i look like a high class pretty boy lol. but ya its getting really cold here. oh and i got a package!! from the MCFadden Family!!! THANKS!!!!! i will send them a thank you card !!! surprise packages like that are amazing!!. So how are you guys! hows is chris doing... from what he writes hes doing well! but i dont have much more time! Love you guys and until next week!!! TCHAU TCHAU!
Elder Arroyo

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