Friday, August 20, 2010

he always tries to steal my beenie to sleep in 8/18

lol dont worry im all over the seed stuff. il come home with a ton of sweet stuff. im comming home with only goodies!. so wow preston is going to los angeles! Spanish Speaking!! thats way tight too. and i bet the crime is intense there...... but mom i dunno if i told you but like every day here someone is talking about some one who killed someone here close. when i was in my second area it was way scary.. you just got to talk to everyone and be friends with everyone! but ya the area is going well. we are working with some peeps to baptise here but all in all its going well. the people here are kinda closed. there are few who want our message, but there elects! my comp suffers in the cold. but hes tuff. he always tries to steal my beenie to sleep in. District leader is great. i like leading. but my district is so small. cuz theres like 2 areas in it that are closed so its just me my comp and another set of missionaries. so about my package.. what do i need. you can send me deodorant. 3 sticks!. some socks cuz there always good and..... 2 bottles of maple extract cuz there are families that want to trade stuff for it. and then just fill up stuff. heres another picture of me.
 i took it today and the other is a family i baptized. the one about the coxinha that exploded is the lady. so mom. what all do you want from here.. give me a list!. ill talk with the relief society to help me out and find it all. but my week was great. we got transferes next wednesday so we will see what happens! have a great week! love you guys
Elder Arroyo

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