Wednesday, June 16, 2010

thats what they call "snake" here

Hey Thanks for the pictures! i was ganna ask you for some! so no we dont get to watch the game. our president was like no you guys can get a lot of work done during that time. but wow were the people going crazy or what. everyone has brazil flags on the houses cars everything. soccer is so funny.
 so let me tell you about my week first... WOW!. so lets start with the almost bad news. we were preparing a family to get married right... but she started working on sundays so we couldnt help her anymore cuz shes got to be obeying the commandments for us to help pay for it. so it was a week from the wedding on monday and we went to the wedding office here in central and i was like hey we got to move the date for the wedding and the guy looks at me and was like.... "Oooooh we cant do that!" like all funny like and i was like look dude were moving it so we talked for a while and he didnt move a thing so i talked to my branch pres and he said he would go. he went there friday and the wedding was on the next day (Saturday) and he told them we had to move it explained it all and there like OK come monday to resign the papers and mark a new day so we go to our investigators house to tell them it wouldnt be saturday and we had told them to be on standby and when we got there she was like. that lady from the wedding place called and confirmed everything with me for the wedding saturday. so she thought it was going on and had rented a dress bought a ton of food for the party. they had gotten work off and told everyone and i was like.... WHAT?!?!? and explained it wouldnt go down saturday. so shes like. what!!! and they got all sad and we told them we would see what was up the next monday for the wedding. so we went by there saturday night to see how they were and our investigator came out and was like ya so we didnt leave our house today to not get humiliated and we dont want you guys to come to our house anymore etc... and i was getting all sad ya know cuz i helped them so much. so we were like well all of us still have to go to the wedding place to see whats up ya know. so i was like ill go there and if we have to pay anything me and my comp will do it. so monday comes around and we get there and our investigator is already there and gives me this mean face and im like oh great... so i walk over there and the wedding lady was like ya it didnt go down saturday cuz someone called and said the wedding couple would travel.... i was like "what!" so our ivestigator is mad thinking we lied and stuff and the wedding lady is taking her side and says doing the wedding or canceling it it will be 160 reais! and i was like. bull! so we keep talking and then they want to mark a date and i dont know what to do right... so i go outside and i call my mission president and explain the situation. and hes all calm with me and walking me through what i should do. and hes like. you dont have to do anything elder arroyo. you are just trying to help her obey the commandments. if she doesnt want the churches help she can pay the wedding herself etc. and he tells me to go in there and just talk to my investigator and not to listen to the wedding lady. so we marked with our investigator and the branch president to see if they wanted help. so tuesday came around and we had this little meeting and everything was explained and all the members will help pay the wedding and they are good with us now. our investigator said when she told us she didnt want us to come back. she felt bad and all the good feelings she had that we helped her have she said went away. we told her we would have the wedding money by next week and if she wanted us to be there it was her choice. if she wanted to get baptized it was up to her. so its all been worked out but wow!!! let me tell ya it was nothing easy... but now i know that not everyone business (like this wedding place) is organized. they dont call to verify nothing and they change ideas. telling one person you can move the date and another no... it was tense.
 but some better news. so my last area vila izabel right. i had tought this in-active family that had someone who hadnt been baptized yet. her name is mahala shes like 17. so i was just here in my area right and then i get a call from the assistants and they were like hey theres someone who wants to talk to you. and i was like.. ok pass the phone and it was that girl. and im like oh whats up hows it going ya know. cuz i had tried to help that family a lot. and then shes like im great. i just wanted you to know im getting baptized. and i was like ... "oh cool, when will it be?" shes like this sunday (it was friday) and i was like "cool whos ganna baptize you" and then shes like thats why im calling, i want you to baptize me! and i was like "uhhhh...... can i talk to the assistants??!!"  and they were like ya she wants you to baptize her and i was like well can i? and they said they would ask the mission pres and he said i could! it was way tight but kinda weird. thats what they call "snake" here.. a girl that goes after an elder. but they let me do the baptizm cuz i was already ganna go to portâo (city) to meet for the choir program!. it was amazing.
 Sunday we went to Ponta Grossa to have another Choir presentation!! it was way good. they got us a charter bus and we drove for 3 hours to do it! we got back at midnight and i had to sleep at another elders house!. for a present we got a dvd of one choir presentation we did and it shows me! and a cd that we recorded! ill try to send it to you guys!!!
 Last night me and my comp made a killer pizza!! its a Pizza Doce or sweet pizza ill send you guys a pic! but ya so that was my week. its been pretty intense. but thats cool chris will go to provo too!! he will experiance them both!. his reception will be cool too!!! send me pics of it!!! and him in a suit too!!! i need it!! but hey times up. long email.
love you guys

Elder Arroyo

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Elder Arroyo,

Every day we receive the opportunity to prove our faith is like in Ether 12:27. The Lord, through the words on his blog showed how weak we are and judge those who do not know the simple pleasure to create an image.

And that is why we remain steadfast in our pursuit of excellence.