Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2 of the Lords Angels 6/2

So ya our house is coming along just well! and its about to be even better! My comp got transfered!!!! whoooaoaoaoaoao!!! im so happy. i can stop worring too cuz my new comp is Elder Skabelund! i dont know if you guys remember me talking about him but he is from my group from the CTM and when i lived in my first house he was trained by elder Bailey and lived in the other room. so we already know each other and have already kicked it off really good. and hes really organized and obediant! were ready to start of a good transfer! not to mention.... ENGLISH!!!!. but ya so the transfer went down really well. and last Sunday we baptized 2 more. we Finally baptized Sandra and another girl we found named Patricia. Patricia chose me to baptize her so i entered the water! it was good. and our mission president had a goal for our mission to baptize 200 people in the month of may and we got 201!!!! and to those 201 i baptized 5! it was hard work but was so worth it.
i dont know if i have told you guys but this is my mission presidents last month on his mission our new mission president is President Cordon. Hes american he should get here soon! well be really cool!.
Oh ya but let me tell you the baptizimal story about Sandra. so she is the mom of 3 children 2 had just gotten baptized when i got here. she loves the missionaries but just kept saying she wasnt ready for baptizm. so we kept marking dates with her and she just kept telling us that she hadnt found her answer yet. we then did a fast with her for her to feel or find her answer and nothing. but then last friday night, we went over there like always to talk with her (and she always gave food :)... ) and when i get there i would always talk about her baptizmal date which was for the 30th and she was like no... no... no... im not ready yet and were like no your way ready and i just keep saying it... "This Sunday Sandra... Baptism?" and shes like no. no.... so then i kinda gave up and had this feeling like .... "She will never get baptismed " then i was like well can you fry me up some "coxinhas" (my favorite brasillian food. which she makes) and she was like .... ya. so then she was frying them up right and the Oil is boiling and shes just watching them... then out of no where the coxinha exploded and oil like got all over her hands but the weird thing was nothing happened she was like why isnt it burning??? she said it felt like water! but it was boiling in the pot and nothing happened to her.... and we were all like what was that?!?!?! and then like 5 min later the same thing happened but exploded in her face and her face was covered with Burning Oil but it didnt burn her. she simply washed it off and saying. "why isnt it burning me???" and she turned to me and i was like.. Sandra your in the presence of 2 of the Lords Angels... and he is trying to show you the truth. and i told her how that was her answer and she was like ... WOW! and she was like call your leader to do the enterview cuz im ready for baptism!! and she got baptized. everyone joked around saying she got baptized cuz elder arroyo was hungry and wanted a coxinha!!! but it was crazy.
oh ya and on sunday they grabbed me to teach the gospel principals class and just gave me that manual that isnt like the manual that tells you how to teach but its just has the doctorine and i just went. what im trying to say is that its crazy how i am now that i can just take a class of people and talk for 1 hour about a topic... without studying. its that missionary spirit. but dont worry im still studing.
So wow chris is about to hit the CTM thats nuts! Im getting him a package ready. im ganna make him a missionary starter kit. im making copies of all this cool stuff that helped me and that was cool to study and making a notebook of them and like this cool stuff to help get him ready the Book of mormon and stuff. im making CD´s of music that he can listen to on the mission. everything! it will be tight. Chris make sure that you bring an mp3 player on the mission. its better if not an ipod cuz not every lan house has itunes. but ya. well that was my week. hope this ones better. Hows Summer? and please if you can send my package as fast as yall can!!! love you guys

Elder Arroyo

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