Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i havent seen to many spiders lately!! 5/26

WHOO!!! Threw 2 more in the water last sunday! Alixander with 17 years of age and his little sister danielle with 9 years of age! they went down really well. were still working with there parents there not married yet. but wow listen to this.... every time i take a picture of the baptisms here some how when i go to look at them a week later there all erased??? i dont understand this camera. and its only the baptism pics. i have baptized 4 people here and taken pictures and i have 0 of the pictures....... it makes me so mad. the pics from sunday already have gotten erased and i looked at them yesterday??. if somone here is deleting them with certainty i will be comming home soon for killing someone!. but anyway ya its hard to find new people. but we have 3 more baptisms lined up for this sunday. one lady whos 30 and here husband left here. shes way excited for baptism stopped drinking coffee and is up for the ride then we got alexanders friend who we started teaching. hes excited as well. he took out his tongue ring and just needs to stop drinking coffee and hes in the water. and we got sandra.... but ya so were doing alright here. next week is transferes. hope my comp goes!. just tell the truth. ya so this brother that fixes things for the church came to our house and put up this huge barbed wire fence above our concrete fence lol so that no one can hop in!! he put new door handles on the house and fixed up everything. he bought us paint and were ganna paint our house today! our house is looking a ton better. and i havent seen to many spiders lately!! so the house is good. my stomach is alright. hurts sometimes then is alright. i have gotten used to it. so ya i have started to get into art ive been doing some drawings. without tracing!!!! whoo! i took a pic of the Jesus Christ picture i drew!. i think its good for somene who never drew in life!!. so ya that was my week. so i need a huge huge favor. I NEED SHOES!! my shoes are for real falling apart. the top half of my shoe is comming off. on both shoes. its horrible. im telling you 2 weeks from now these shoes will be sandels lol. so please as fast as you can send me some new shoes.!!!!other than that im going well here. just one more week till transfers...... please let him go!

Love you guys

Elder Arroyo

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