Thursday, May 20, 2010

Whooo!!!! Chris has like one more month of the "Real Life"

Whats up family! Last week was alright. Our Baptism fell......  but we set another goal for her and she agreed to do a fast with us to see if its right. so me and my comp have been doing all of our work. Our zone has done all its contacts for 3 weeks straight and were going on 4. the record is 5 weeks but everyone has agreed to blow it out of the water. were good!!!. but ya our breakfast was great it was at the Zone Leaders house cuz there in our district and we made pancakes, maple syrup, scrambled eggs (with peppers, cheese, onions.. everything) sandwiches, Yogurt, and Juice!. it was amazing and we already have another activity planned the district that gets the most points on this one gets to have a huge barb e´q!!! and were ganna win!. So the work is going well. we have this one couple that wants to get baptized but there not married so we went to the uhh i dunno how to say it in english but like the place where you officially get married and we talked with them they brought their documents and we marked their marriage for the 12th of june!!! Our members in our ward are ganna help pay. so we marked there baptism on the same day! it will be amazing. so there going along well and we have some other investigators that were helping stop smoking then well throw them in the water too. so the work is moving. me and my comp are doing well too. oh last sunday we had our last music presentation... so they said. but president says were so good that were ganna go to the other stakes that live way far away. hes ganna rent buses and everything. so we got 2 more presentations. president took us all out to this really good resaurant for our good work. and last saterday he had a guy come to our practice to professoinaly record.. well almost professionaly.. but it will be good. well get that CD soon. so how are the kids with ended school. excited. hope chris doesnt fall when he graduates lol!!! but ya hope you all are doing well. im ganna send yall some pics in a sec. you got to see this picture i drew of Jesus. the best thing ive ever drawn!



Elder Arroyo

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