Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Early Bird 5/12

Ya so im on early today! Im about to go to a Super Mega Breakfast that our district won!!! we had this competition going on these past 2 weeks. out of 3 districts in our zone. it was who could teach the most first lessons got points and who had the most new investigators, baptizimal dates, investigators in sacrament it was all worth points but to get a total of points for the week you had to do all your contacts or they didnt count! but ya our district won!!! whoo so we won a huge breakfast!. but ya it was great talking to you guys on the phone it was just not enough time!!! but 7 more months from here and well be back on the phone. So there were some things i forgot to tell you guys!. So ya sunday i went to lunch and it was way way way far away. like out in the forrest right. but when we got there. The members wife came out and theyre like in the 60´s right. and shes like elders! Come on in and she opens up here arms and im like uhh sister i can hug you. and shes like "Todays mothers day and im every missionarys mom!" and just wraps here arms around me. it was great. i think she even kissed me on the cheek. i cant remember i was like petrified. but ya so she like barbequed and everything it was a wonderful lunch. and they are like the pioneers from brazil. the first registered members in brazil!!! well ther family is. it was their parents who have already died! but it was cool to see the stuff they had!. and then last sunday night we did a family night with a less active family and 2 investigators and i made COOKIES of course. and my cookies are amazing and everyone love them. i left them a bunch of cookie dough too. and they said they made the rest of the cookies and brought it to their work and said that everyone wanted the recipe lol. so im giving the recipe and calling it "The Arroyo" lol. im so good! oh ya so one other thing i need to know. like have you guys bought my shoes yet??. cuz the ones im using now are cracked on the bottom and the leather is ripping on the side! its nuts and its ganna start raining a ton!  but ya. so theres this member in our branch and hes a new member and hes an artist!! and he just loves me now. so he is ganna draw a picture of our family. ( i gave him pictures to base off of) and i want him to paint a picture of you and dad in front of the san diego temple. so you guys got to send me a good picture so i can get it to him and he is making this big painting for me... its will be like this...... there are 2 roads and the view is from where the road forks and then the scenery on the right side (or the road going to the right) is ganna be like city like exacly like curitiba! and im ganna be standing in the road. and on the road to the left is like out in the jungle a dirt road with little houses and its ganna be belem like and theres ganna be chris in the road. both of us in suits and then thers a sign in the middle and its pointing both ways.. one says Belem and the other Curitiba and on the top it will be like "The Best Two Years" cool right. and the guy is professional too!! i cant wait. but its time for me to go already. love you guys!!!!




Elder Arroyo

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