Thursday, February 11, 2010

so so so hot (2/12)

OK. so wow this week was so so so hot. I'm talking hotter than hot. Like during the day your just frying in the sun. and then at night your just lying in bed awake cuz its so hot to sleep!. its way crazy and I'm still having stomach problems but I'm kinda getting used to that now. but other than that the week was a good one. and ya I'm about to hit my one year mark!. it will be the 18th cuz that's when i got in the MTC. crazy right? one year ago i left home. but ya you did like those pictures. It was the first time i used my baptismal clothes. but it was great!. OK about my camera. there is this one dude on the mission that his mom sent him a package with a camera in it and she didn't mark it on the box then when it went in the mail they stopped it cuz the box wasn't marked that had a camera in it. and they like didn't wanna give him the package and the Secretaries had to fight for it. but in the end he got his camera. but Elder Cox told me his mom sent him a camera and sent it and it got there fine. so i have no idea. i just hope that i get it!. and if you send something to sister Christina i can get it to her. i am way close to her house still. today were going to eat lunch there! amazing!. so way cool that Justin's in scouts. doing all those knots and stuff. i still remember some. and cool that Destinee is going to compete in choir. believe it or not I'm in the choir here on the mission now. we started practicing today. im singing tenor! ya who would have thought. and that's sweet that Chris wants to be a firefighter. i never would have thought that i would have a brother as a fire fighter. it will be crazy that he will be leaving on his mission soon. he needs to start looking for what he wants to take. cuz the more comfortable the backpack the better. so as of today i have a new email! they moved all of our emails so everything will start coming here. i don't know if the old one will work. i am clueless. but this one has got to be way better. cuz its built with gmail!. the other email was horrible. but now were in!. oh and ya i heard that the saints won the super bowl. mayer from dads works got to be going nuts. but that was my week. just a hot hot week. i hope to get my camera soon. and before you guys know it ill be on the plane ride home! love you guys

Elder Arroyo

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