Thursday, December 16, 2010

but ya this was my week, wet and tiring..

Whoo! you found a barney!!! ok So it would be a lot safer if you sent it to me. I can give it to them. I'm pretty sure i will stay in this area. if not its no problem to get it to them. They only have one kid hes 3 i think. He loves barney. 
im ganna call you guys from the church. The bishops office so there wont be anyone there. just my companion. sorry no singing. but i will prolly call in the afternoon. next week you will have more info. i will even call to confirm!. 
This week was wet! It rained a ton. Man i got soaked 2 days in a row!. it  just got cold too!. But i know it will start to get hot again. So yesterday we went to an area in our zone called "Lapa". we did whats called a "blitz" when a bunch of missionaries go into one area and teach to give the set of missionaries there  a boost!. Man its like in the boonies. We took a bus and it took us 2 hours to get there!. And everyone there is catholic. but it was great!. Tomorrow we have our Christmas conference!. I cant wait, its ganna be sweet. but ya this was my week, Wet and tiring.. untill next week!
Elder arroyo

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