Wednesday, August 19, 2009

YAH! (8/19)

Yay! you do love me lol!
How have you guys been? sounds good. so i type the same way that i talk huh. tight. except one thing... I SPEAK PORTUGUESE! lol. so maybe you are wondering why i am so happy! Huh? because today was transfers! and guess what i didnt get transfered but my comp did. it was strange cuz he only was here 1 transfer but i got a new comp and his name is elder Cortez. another brasillian but the funny thing is i was with him in the ctm in são Paulo! me and him are way excited to work hard and i know we will baptize alot of lost sheep!. its going to be great. so thanks for remembering everything that i asked for lol. i do ask for alot of stuff. so i will recive a package in about 2 weeks! i~m stoked. so i am starting to forget slang in english and am starting to speak differnt in english i dont like it. but the portuguese is flowing well. so school has started. and how is everyone in school. so sweet justin is playing soccer. i am learning soccer here. brasillians are way good but i will get good too lol. and destinee is swimming huh wow tight she will lose weight. swimming is a good sport to stay in shape. so shoes ya those i cant wait for those. the shoes i have now are tearing apart cuz they are too big but they are working for now. just send the stuff when you have the money. i mean i miss you guys but i know that for 2 years that this isnt my time lol its the lords time. and i will see you guys in 18 months. it will pass by so fast. so mom guess what i made for lunch today! coxinha! i love them. look it up on the internet. there amazing. and you can make them in the u.s. too i think. i know how to make bread in the oven everything lol. the stuff you learn here is crazy. so i~m still trying to learn to read music fast. when i have the chance i play piano. i learned the first part of "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds. i like piano alot. i might buy a guitar from my zone leader. for 25 bucks! its not too shabby too! oh so grammies friend lives where in são paulo. i was in casa verde. but i have a friend serving in são paulo west. well its almost time to go but dont worry this week i will work hard very hard. hope you guys have a great week too. i love ya guys! your son/brother Elder Arroyo

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