Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Email from Jimmy March 18

sweet spring break! tell chris to email me. so here we have just been learning and studying and learning. i can teach the first lesson in portuguese for about 15 min and i can testify and pray and we always sing hinos or hmns in portuguese its basically just reading lol. for breakfast its usually like bread meat and cheese lol. oh and always fruit. lunch and dinner its rice and beans and some kind of meat with a roll usually i eat like some rice and put the meat in the roll as a sandwhich. thats a sweet calling. i bet you will be good with it. my calling is to serve the lord by bringing souls unto him top that! jk lol. so today we got to go to the sao paulo temple it was so amazing. i love seeing each celestial room in the temples. and all temples are so different on the inside!!. our branch president took a picture of our distact in front of the temple and he is ganna send it to dads email. so there is one on the way. i~m ganna send my memory card home soon cuz i have a ton of pics. i will prolly before i leave the mtc. well i hope you guys are doing well i need to go. love ya mom.

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