Friday, January 28, 2011

Wow mom you sound trunky!

So my appointments sound great! I would love to get set apart quick cuz that means all these rules wont apply to me anymore!!! lol jk. So wow this keyboard really sucks... Its taking me like an hour to write this email. So i have like a check-up at the doctors office? and what topic do i have for my talk sunday? I would love to prepare my talk while im out here, i think it would be easier. So my week was totally nuts!. One Elder in my Zone got way  sick and had to go into surgury!. When the ambulance went to get him they didnt let his comp in so me and my comp had to go get his comp then later that night we went to see him in the hospital! His comp had to sleep there with him. then the next day we had to do there baptisimal interviews so we had to go on splits.I had to stay in the hospital with him for 9 hours. but it was good we got to talk a lot. and Sister Cordon brought me lunch. So then he got released but he couldnt go to his house cuz his bed was broken so we took a taxi to my house (my house has 4 beds) and they stayed with us for 2 days. it was nuts. but hes doing better now!. Me and my comp also had another baptism!! Were still working hard!!. and today our zone played basketball and i dominated. we have some sweet videos of us playing.. but im so excited to come home!! Im almost doing stuff for the last time. like last district meeting and stuff. but dont worry im still working a ton!!. i would send you guys pictures but im lazy. ill show yall when i get home. do you guys know what time im comming home? i sent you my flight stuff but i didnt know if it was my time or your time? all well! oh and i got my package!! Whoo.. Finally!!  and my companion loved his stuff!. Im working on buying a ton of stuff to bring home. i can bring 2 suitcases weighing 32 kilos each. so ill be bringing some stuff home!. So ya.... i only have one more p-day after this! One more email to write you guys! Nuts huh? its almost like i just left. and now im coming home!. But ya i dont know what else i can write about. Hope yall have a great week! Love ya
Elder Arroyo

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe I'm reading your next to last post!!!! I'm so excited to see you...Pray Pop is still good enough to make the trip,Please!!!!

It's been a long two years but you have been a wonderful Elder.You can come home and be proud of your mission work.You put your all into it under stringent circumstances...Some circumstances terrified me and others made me laugh..I want to be there to hear you tell about things you didn't have time to say on P day....I know you are excited!
I love you,Jimmy!