Thursday, January 13, 2011

that was pretty much my week

Brasil Curitiba Christmas Program
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This week went well. We fought for 1 baptism. She really wants to get baptized were just waiting for the mission president to do her interview but we talked with him yesterday and he should do her interview today!. She asks us everyday... Can i get baptized today... were like no.. . not yet. but shes doing great. Today our zone played soccer! I actually played well today!. I schooled this one kid lol. i will have to show yall my soccer skills when i get back. I think its all in my soccer jersey though!.  So my Zone will go to the temple this next week! Im excited. and Elder Cox found this sweet place in his area that sells cheap suits! 30 Reais each!!! its like 20 bucks!!. Hes ganna buy me one. he already bought 2. And being zone leader doesnt mean i travel a lot. but i do, do a lot of splits with other missionaries and we have to be examples (being obedient, and setting the bar high with teaching and baptisms etc.) we also help missionaries that are trunky.. thats my specialty. and missionaries that have problems. we  basically just watch over missionaries and then tell pres whats up..  its a great job. but i liked being District leader better. i could actually get down and help more missionaries. but ya so that was pretty much my week. see you guys soon! Love ya
Elder Arroyo

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