Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hi Mom!

man thats crazy that everyone is getting ready to leave for there missions. we have so many out now of our ward.. sweet justin and swimming lol. lol vance learned popcorn popping whata nut lol. i love little kids. its hard not to like play around with them in the houses. i have a problem with that. right before the lesson i play and then there like crazy the rest of the time lol. and yes i konw that i have made a wonderfull decision to come here lol. i will always make good decisions lol. so hmm this week well i went to the temple today. add the Curitiba Temple to my list of temples i have been too!. it was marivilhosa!. we have a baptism this week and we didnt baptise last week are investigater has fear. family pushing in one direction and the gospel the other. but she will make the right decision. oh this week it has been freezing! i love it. but houses here have no insolation and we just fixed our little ghetto heater we have. it plugs in the wall lol. i sleep with my long johns and then sweats and then a hoodie and my beanie and my hood on lol with 2 pairs of sox. then i have 2 sheets and 2 blankets! talk about warm but myface will still be cold. but all is well lol. i love it. but showers in the morning whoa! the water is hot but the air around is cold! hmm what else this week. i walked alot we taught lol. oh i made tortillias from scratch! ya you better believe it. elder bailey gave me a recipe book with easy recipes!. its tight. food is so easy to make lol. oh mom i want to know how to make good cake. like american cake ya know the cake i like. its like really moist with strawberries and whipped cream!. i need it! and danish pancakes too please. thanks. so mom just keep reminding people to write me even chris what a rat!. oh and send me a bunch of pictures mom like in a big envelope. i want pictures bad. like take one of the house and the family and i want pictures from my past and of me and kristen. pictures are good to show investigators to show them that your not a gospel zombie and show them what you left behind. well i still love ya guys even though i havent gotten my package! lol. jk. oh and can i buy myself a pizza everytime i get a baptizm? it would be 10 haies or 5 dollars. cool or no. anyway love ya keep the family running.
your son the amazing elder arroyo!
P.S. sweet blog.

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Curt said...

Hello, We have a son in the Sao Paulo MTC currently and will be serving in the Goiania mission in July or August. I have read the posts here and saw that you are able to send him packages. Can you give me any suggestions/advice/tips on the best ways to get packages to our sons serving in Brazil? Especially on sensitive things like prescriptions or a new debit card.

Thanks for any input you can give!