Thursday, June 18, 2009

6/17 email to mom

i guess i will just try and tell you about my last 2 weeks. well me and my companion have been teaching some good people we have marked some good people for baptism and are working on them. we have this one chick who lived in the states for 5 years and she speaks english so i get to speak in english to her somtimes when i cant explain stuf in portuguese. its tight. umm i got to be the senior companion for a day! way tight. i stayed in my area and a missionary who just intered the feild came and was my companion. i knew him from the mtc. we just went and knocked doors we had addresses for and tried to get a first lesson or mark another date. it was a good experience for me cuz i had to do alot of the talking lol. people always making excuses. but i marked some dates. we didnt get to teach any lessons though :( but you better belive i tried!. so hmm what else happened. i cant remember much everything is all a blur. oh i am ganna need some new shoes soon these ones are crapping out cuz they were a size to big and my feet slide around. and if i ever get an email back lol i would love that recipe to the cake i like mom lol. and to some easy cookies. oh and mom if you could tell me your conversion story that would be great cuz people are always like oh well you have always gone to your church you dont know anything. and im always like well my mom was catholic and now shes mormon. and people ask how did she change. so please send me that. oh and whats up with jake did he get married now. whats been up give me an update and have you seen greg yet? just tell me everything well i dont have much more to say this time. love ya guys.
Elder arroyo

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