Friday, February 27, 2009

first email we received on Feb 27, 2009

oi, como via (how are you). so i got my visa yesterday!! I'm flying out to brazil Tuesday. they said i can call home today and tell you guys but my email account just got set up so I thought I should use it anyway. i hate being away from computers its so hard to not try and find loop holes when i use the computers here too lol. like everything is locked down... no hot keys no right click no nothing. so I cant make batch files and stuff. so here at the mtc its way fun way fun. I learn alot. i have written alot of cool stuff to remember. i can teach the first lesson. we do a lot of teaching here. me and my companion teach the first lesson to people who volunteer here in the MTC. so the food is great they feed us well. tell mom that its cold here but not cold enough for me to wear sweaters or gloves. basketball here is what i look forward to everyday. it's so intense. oh we got to go to the temple today in Provo. it is an awesome temple. we did endowments. I sent home my endowment stuff. were not supposed to have it if we leave the country. missionaries get free rentals. well i need to go do laundry. I can call you guys when I get to Atlanta too in the airport. i have like 2 hours of wait time. i love ya dad. keep the business running.

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